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This is the home page of Doctor Valentine (Val) Casey who is a Senior Researcher at Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland. His previous role was  Global Software Development (GSD) Research Area Leader and Senior Lecturer in Bournemouth University in the UK. Val has a PhD in Computer Science and MSc. in Software Re-Engineering from the University of Limerick and a BSc. in Economics & Management from the University of London. Prior to undertaking his academic career he had over 20 years experience working in the software industry. 



Val's research focus is GSD and virtual software team operation and management.  He has undertaken four independent studies in these areas over the last twelve years. His work has explored many different aspects of these important topics.  Based on the result achieved he has published extensively in these areas.  His publications to date include his book "Software Testing and Global Industry: Future Paradigms" (see more details opposite).  He has  five book chapters in edited books which have been published or are due for publication in the next few months.  He has also published numerous journal articles, conference and workshop papers on these topics (see the link at the bottom of the page for details of his publications).  The strength of his research is that  it is industry based  with a strong professional and academic focus.



Val is a native of Limerick City in Ireland.  He was delighted to be the Tutorial Chair of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE) which took place in July 2009 in Limerick.   Having pioneered GSD research in the University of Limerick it was particularly gratifying to see this prestigious conference taking place in his old University. 



Val continues to carry out research in both of these area as well as Software Process improvement (SPI).  Which has been a key aspect of all his work. He is currently actively collaborating with colleagues in many different parts of the world.  He is always keen to expand and develop his work further.   If you would like to contact him he would be delighted to hear from you his email address is  Doctor@valcasey(dot)eu  Remember to replace the (dot) with a "."  for the correct email address.



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Software Testing 
And Global Industry: Future Paradigms     


Here is a summary of the content of the book



Today software development has truly become a globally sourced commodity. This trend has been facilitated by the availability of highly skilled software professionals in low cost locations in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Far East. Organisations endeavouring to leverage the opportunities this provides and to avail of the benefits of establishing operations close to emerging markets have embraced this strategy in large numbers.



Software testing plays a key role in delivering high quality products and is a labour intensive, complex and expensive activity. In the context of Global Software Development (GSD) to date testing has been perceived as a well defined task that is relatively straightforward and lends itself to being outsourced or offshored. This volume considers this specific topic and demonstrates that testing in a GSD environment is not a simple activity. It is prone to be negatively impacted by all the factors associated with distributed software development. This work also provides practical solutions which can be utilised to address these important issues.



While the primary focus of this work is software testing it is also the culmination of 10 years research by the author in the area of GSD. During this period he has considered all aspects of the software development life cycle. This experience and knowledge has been incorporated into this volume. It is therefore relevant to note this work is of value to the wider software community not just to those interested in testing. It specifically considers the establishment of virtual teams and their efficient and effective operation. Therefore this book has relevance to all those interested in implementing or improving a GSD strategy. Its particular strengths are that while it is a scholarly work it is industry based and practical.


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